air curtain

air curtain

The experience reached in the entrances field teaches us that good automatic doors have always to be equipped with an efficient energy conservation system. To help this we supply, on request, an air curtain facility, that gives to the air conditioning the possibility to work at its best with the minimum loss. These devices are studied to be fitted up over sliding and swing doors. Its principal function is to prevent the loss of air conditioning and the consequent variation of temperature in the air-conditioned rooms. We have also noticed that these systems are very good to avoid the entrance in the rooms of the unpleasant insects. The air curtain is a kind of invisible curtain with a controlled temperature that weakens the changes of temperature that usually can be when the doors are opened. The cover is made of resin while the frame is in zinc coated and painted, therefore is rust resistant. Among the innovation we found, we have a special on/off control which turns on when the door is opened and turns off when the door is closed. To couple air curtains with on/off switch on an automatic door is the best solution to reduce the power loss and to increase the air curtain duration.

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