SPARE PARTS, ACCESSORIES AND DESIGN: to create the perfect ensemble

During the years we have learned that a satisfied client is a client that will come back to us. We have taken possession of this slogan conforming our doors to our clients’ requirements till to say we are able to satisfy every request. Why or doors are different from the other? The answer Is in the 4 points listed below: Solidity: all the materials are carefully chosen in order to guarantee the durability not only during time, but the also to the stress and to the particularly hard conditions presented by the sea climate. Safety: our systems are supplied with two motion sensors, handle with e-contact, double couple of safety photocells installed on both sides of the door, batteries to use in case of power failure, to pledge safety for all users and particularly for disabled persons. Technical accessories: antishock rubbers for sliding doors, stainless steel frames anticorrosion, stainless steel photocell holder, protection covers for external sensors proximity keys, badge-readers, alphanumeric panel and other devices are only some examples of the accessories we can install on our doors. We are able to satisfy even the more peculiar requests. Spare parts: we can supply every kind of spare parts for any kind of automatism, installed by us or not; on demand we can equip our installation with glasses and leaves with all the suitable supports. Thanks to these four points, we can always give you a warranty of a valuable and resistant product, but a good product became a perfect one when the design is an integral part of it. To realize this, Centraltecnica has drawn together the automatisms, which distinguish our job, to a line of design, creating frames in stainless steel and glass, even on specific request and producing a complete and unique result. Every door can be customized with logos, silk-screen printings, décors, different types of glasses such as stained glass, anti-glare, liquid crystals, and many other sorts. Stainless steel 316 processing, a superior quality material particularly suitable for the sea climate, has given us the possibility to create and realize some design frames upon request. Besides we are specially glad of the creation and assembling of sash in every kind of dimensions, with glasses and automatisms. That’s why a Centraltecnica structure is a synonym of quality and efficiency; that’s why our products are chosen since years by the main fitter-outs


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