automatism for disabled persons

automatism for disabled persons

In the automatic door engineering for disables we have amplified the safety part regarding the closure of the doors, to avoid the sash effect fright. Both the automatism, sliding and swing, can be used without restriction by disabled and able people, simply installing little technical devices we have realized thanks to our experience. One of the solutions we adopt to avoid the sudden closure of the door is to position a sensor on the entry and/or on the exit, which notices the presence of anybody is passing through the movement area of the door. Other device to make easier the use of our doors is to install particular controls to assist the admission in the room. In the specific case we are talking about pressure contacts, sensitive carpets, optical readers, photocells and other systems permitting to whoever has to use this passageway to do it in complete independence and safety. The safety battery equipments installed assure the automatic opening of the doors in case of black out and the return to the regular operation as soon as the power will be restored.

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