sliding doors


Contrary to land installed units, marine sliding doors differ in concept and technical performances. All the drives, for example, are protected by IP65 boxes in the bulkhead; the trolleys are bigger than usual to support doors with high size and weight, besides to face the huge number of openings and closings. To guarantee further durability to the time and the weather, all the mechanical parts are treated with particular antirust paint and are installed with stainless steel screws. The electromechanical system and the self-learning microcontrollers coordinate the movement of the doors in a slight and smooth way. This kind of mechanism is particularly suitable for intensive use of the doors. Only thanks to our system a door with one or two leaves, with opening width between 800 and 3,200 mm and with a weight up to 350 kg circa, can be opened and closed easily thousand times meanwhile assuring the solidity of the automatism itself. The constant studies and adjustments made during the years, give us the possibility to solve also the space problems. All our automatism can be easily installed on telescopic doors, where the overlapped leaves grant the typical comfort of the sliding doors in the same space occupied by a manual door. As well our doors can be further personalized on client’s request, both for the mechanical and the electrical parts; we can also realized leaves with different materials, with drawing, signature, serigraphy and various type of décors. So we can affirm we are able to realize the made to measure door.


sliding doors

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